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Bike rental in Darjeeling offering Darjeeling Bike Tour Packages

Bike rental in Darjeeling is a company that believes in a personalized approach when working with groups. Each of the members is endeavoring to share that level of passion with you. Whether you are a hardened traveler, a novice, or searching for some downtime; the team at bike on rent in Darjeeling will work with you to help you to design one unforgettable and memorable experience. At bike on hire in Darjeeling, safety and attention to detail are the foremost priority. They offer top quality gear and equipment at daily rental costs. And they always ensure that their guides have a fully stocked medical kit for all time.

Bike rental in Darjeelingis one of the longest-running tour operator and they are famous for the adventure tour, trek tour in Darjeeling that stands apart from the rest. They specialize in mountain biking, motorcycle tours, rafting, cultural tours, day tours and paragliding etc.

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Bike rental in Gangtok for a road trip in Sikkim

The service of bike rental in Gangtok turned out to be a big hit as any solo traveler could easily go out on a solo tour of Gangtok in a way cheaper price than any private vehicle hiring. All that is required to hire a bike is nothing but an Indian driving license. In case you don’t own a driving license or don’t know riding a bike; there is no issue involved as drivers too can be hired at the same time of hiring the bike. With a fleet of the latest and well-maintained cruiser bikes including 350cc and 500cc Royal Enfield bikes; travelers are found to be especially relevant by the choices they have to choose amongst.

The beautiful state Sikkim has always been famous for the renowned because of chhangu-lake, Baba Mandir, and Baba Mandir; in East district and the tourist spots in North Sikkim. If a traveler feels like visiting those places, special permits are required though. If you are not a traveler; but own a few vehicles you are welcome to put them for bike rental in Gangtok.

bike rental in gangtok

About the bike rental packages in Gangtok

If you are in dilemma about your riding skills or don’t have a driving license, then the service providers of bike rental in Gangtok are there to take care of that. You can certainly opt to hire trained drivers to take you through the journey of an adventurous road trip across the hilly roads of Gangtok.

  • Things provided by a bike rental in Gangtok are giant hard tail mountain bikes, Royal Enfield bikes, Helmet, spare tubes, and Pump.
  • Traveler has to pay a security deposit of Rs 10,000 to rent a bike. Rs 1,500 a day for a motorcycle and the security deposit is refundable. The amount would be deducted from the deposit if there is any damage to the bike.
  • Riders have to pay for fuel on its own.
  • Indian tourists need a driving license, but for foreigners an international driving license and an Inner Line Permit id needed.
  • If you are not sure to ride in hilly roads then a professional driver is also included in bike tour packages in Gangtok.
  • Against Rs 300 per head (non-refundable) a third party insurance coverage would be provided to the riders by any bike rental in Gangtok.
  • If one wanted to go to Nathu-La, Chhangu Lake and Baba Mandir in East district and the tourist spots in North Sikkim, permits had to be taken by the providers.
  • At the tourist spots in the East, foreigners are not allowed.
bike rental in gangtok

About the Bike rental packages in Darjeeling

Make your travel diary to the Eastern-Himalayan Region; worth remembering till the last breath of your life, it is highly recommended to gear up yourself with a rented bike and explore the beauty (panoramic view) and the beast (curvy mountaineers roads) of nature with bike rental in Darjeeling.

  • Bike rental in Darjeeling does not source bikes from other vendors
  • All their well-maintained bikes which maximum three years old are provided by them.
  • All bikes have carriers to make you comfortable and keep your luggage organized on your journey.
  • Extra container to keep extra fuel for emergencies
  • Most importantly a mobile charger which keeps you connected to the world.
  • If you are not sure to ride in hilly roads; then a professional driver is also included in bike tour packages in Darjeeling.
  • With a minimum price (non-refundable) a third party insurance coverage would be provided to the riders by bike rental in Darjeeling.

So what are you waiting for when you are getting the best of the best experiences in the smallest of packages? Just pack your backpack, pull your socks up and get going with bike rental in gangtok to experience Bhutan like never before !!

bike rental in gangtok

Why choose a bike over the easy public transport. And the answer is, first of all; public transport requires apt time in hand to travel from one place to another; and secondly lack of point-to-point visiting unavailability is a big turn-off for public transport. The said constraints can be overcome in case of private hiring of vehicles but at the cost of hefty rental charges. With all such constraints, it was observed that backpackers were found to be affecting the most. Considering all these, it was in October 2016 that the transport department of Sikkim introduced; bike rental in Gangtok by flagging off hired bikes. The introduction of the bike rental services in made Sikkim; the third state to have paid bike rental services after Goa and Himachal Pradesh.

In addition to hiring a bike for a day and visiting any tourist place like, Nathula Pass, MG Marg; Hanuman Tok, Ranka Monastery, Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple, Himalayan Zoological Park, Banjhakri Water Falls, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology and; the list goes on with bike rental in Gangtok.

bike rental in gangtok
What will amaze you with bike trip in Darjeeling ?

Bike rental in Darjeeling offered to you Wake up to mesmerizing views on one of their incredible biking options; listen the roar of a Royal Enfield’s engine echoing across valleys and mountains as miles and miles of switchbacks disappear beneath you; experience the adrenaline rush of mountain biking through the foothills of the Himalayas with the services. In addition to enjoyment, cultural tours, day tours and local sightseeing in their company jeeps. Discover local cultures and customs through the eyes of their experienced tour guides that few have managed to experience.

People of Darjeeling are always well acknowledged for their hospitality. The same thing is reflected when anyone hits a bike rental company to hire an off-road or a cruiser bike; to quench the thirst of a road trip up the mountain roads in Darjeeling. As a result, the bike rental in Darjeeling provides a range of motorcycle tours that even include; one day tour, multi-day tours, group tours, couple tours etc.


Great experience!! The team here is like a friend and helps you out with everything. No hassles.. No unnecessary paperwork.

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Very good service and good bike qualities. Proprietor is a very good person and provided us with all necessary spare tools and accessories.

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Had a great experience. Rented 2 bikes, and both were in excelent condition. The bikes gave good mileage. The rates are also reasonable.

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