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Rockers Ride for your Thimphu Road Trip

Rockers Ride gives an opportunity to riders to fullfill their dream of having a bike trip in Thimphu. When it comes to being a traveler, diversified geographical terrains and climatic conditions are the obvious choices. At least it is the case with me, that the best things often come in smallest of packages. Well, same is the case with the smallest state in the Himalayan range, Kingdom of Thimphu.

The country’s elevation varies from 200m above sea level to up to 7000m above sea level makes this landlocked country one of the eye-catching vacation spots along the Himalayan range.

Rockers Ride

What makes bike on hire in Thimphu exciting?

Rockers Ride offers exciting yet pocket-friendly offers for you. If you want to visit entire Thimphu, then at least you should opt for five to six days bike tours. It will be enough for the entire state from the valleys to the hills.  If you are doubtful of your riding skill in hills, you no need to worry since bike on hire in Thimphu provides experienced and skillful drivers for their customers.

Rockers Ride does not source bikes from other vendors. All bike is well maintained and maximum3 years old. All the bikes have extra carriers to make you comfortable in your journey and for your luggage. Have an extra container to keep extra fuel for an emergency. Most importantly a mobile charger to keep you connected with your loved ones. For hire a bike it will cost 1000 to 1500 per day and security money, which is refundable. Indian travelers need a valid photo id and for foreigners a valid photo id and permit to visit Thimphu. With a minimum price (non-refundable) thirds party insurance coverage will be included in a Thimphubike tour packages.

Rockers Ride for all in one solution with ThimphuTour Packages

Rockers Ride in Thimphu can be your answer if you wish to explore hills by yourself. Now the point is how do you want to go on the voyage up the elevation? Well if you trust me, I’ll personally suggest opting for a road trip. And if you ask me I rather suggest hitting a hill station for a vacation in adventurous Winding Mountain with bikes. Experience hills with bikes will be unforgettable and always be cherishing. The same and nourish it for the lifetime.

Things that are hard to miss with Rockers Ride 

Apart from the durability and reliability of these bikes on the rugged and winding mountain roads, Rockers Ride has trained mechanics really is the icing on the cake. You simply need not worry either about the directions, safety or the health of the bike as backup vehicles are always there to be your savior.

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So what are you waiting for when you are getting the best of the best experiences in the smallest of packages? Just pack your backpack, pull your socks up and get going with Rockers Ride to experience Thimphulike never before !!


Great experience!! The team here is like a friend and helps you out with everything. No hassles.. No unnecessary paperwork.

Ronit Pradhan Student

Very good service and good bike qualities. Proprietor is a very good person and provided us with all necessary spare tools and accessories.

Sourav Sukla Student

Had a great experience. Rented 2 bikes, and both were in excelent condition. The bikes gave good mileage. The rates are also reasonable.

Rohit Gupta Student